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Chose from Over 50 Coffee & Tea Varieties:

Roasts & Blends

Prized Arabica beans roasted to Gevalia’s meticulous specification for flavor, aroma and overall character. Available in regular or decaffeinated, ground or whole bean. 8 oz. boxes.

  • Traditional Roast ® - Highly aromatic and perfectly balanced. Smooth flavor and body.
  • Light Roast – Delicate, medium-bodied. Mild flavor and subtle fragnance.
  • Dark Roast – A bold, intense coffee, full-bodied with pleasant, bittersweet undertones.
  • Espresso Roast – Rich, dark, flavorful with pleasant after taste. (7 oz. box only)
  • French Roast – Balanced blend. Pleasant, smoky finish. Low acidity, robust personality.
  • Signature Blend – Medium roast, a rich full body. Well-balanced flavor, very smooth.
  • Breakfast Blend - Delightfully smooth, full-bodied. Bold character and rich aroma.

Flavored Coffees

Sweet, spicy and all stops in between. Gevalia’s Master Taster uses high-grown Arabica create these delicate and subtle flavored coffees. Available in regular or decaffeinated ground. 8 oz. boxes.

  • Amaretto – Non-alcoholic Amaretto flavoring with hints of cherry almond.
  • Chocolate Raspberry – A touch of rich chocolate flavor, combined with the essence of tangy raspberries.
  • Cinnamon – A touch of natural cinnamon and clove spices, resulting in a subtle, spicy treat.
  • Creme Brulee – Warm, creamy caramel notes and a hint of sweetness.
  • NEW! Dark Chocolate Truffle – Rich, dark chocolate flavour makes for a velvety smooth indulgence.
  • French Vanilla – Reminiscent of a luscious buttercream confection, with delicate honey and almond notes.
  • Hazelnut – Delicate hazelnut flavor with subtle nutty, buttery and vanilla nuances.
  • Irish Creme – Hints of creamy, buttery, non-alcoholic Irish Creme flavor.
  • Mocha - Rich chocolate flavor is blended with roasted Arabica coffee for a sweetly satisfying experience.
  • Vanilla Nut – Rich and velvety, with nutty notes and smooth vanilla overtones.

Select Varietals

Some of Gevalia’s most prized varietals. Gevalia meet with growers, select harvests and obsessively inspect every lot. Available in regular or decaffeinated, ground or whole bean. 8 oz. boxes.

  • Antigua – Grown on the slopes of the Cordillera Mountains. A perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
  • Colombia – A rich, complex coffee with a medium-to-full body and a clean, winey flavor.
  • Costa Rica Peaberry – Grown in the rich volcanic soil of Costa Rica, this distinctive coffee has a slightly fruity and floral taste.
  • Indian Malabar – A full-bodied blend with robust flavor that contains half the caffeine of regular coffee (regular only).
  • Kenya – Epitomizes the lively, tangy taste you’ll find in the best African coffees.
  • Mocca Java – Combines two beans that have been prized for centuries – one from Ethiopia, the other from Indonesia.
  • Peruvian Organic – A medium body, a pleasing, slightly floral acidity and gentle earthiness. Rich and aromatic (regular only).
  • Rainforest Organic – Smooth medium roast. Certified organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ (ground, regular only).

European Coffeehouse Selection

Inspired by coffees served in some Europe’s most distinguished coffeehouses. Available in regular or decaffeinated ground, or regular whole bean. 8 oz. boxes.

  • Antico Caffe Greco ® (Rome) – A dark and deeply satisfying blend, recalling one of Rome’s most venerable coffeehouses.
  • Cafe De Oriente ® (Madrid) – A rich, well-rounded and flavorful Spanish-style coffee, similar to one served at a popular after-theater spot in Madrid (ground only).
  • Cafe Le Procope ® (Paris) – A well-balanced, traditional French-style coffee, named for one of Paris’s oldest cafes.
  • Cafe Sperl ® (Vienna) - A smooth, medium-roast coffee, bringing to mind a landmark house once frequented by Johannes Brahms.


Wide variety including traditional teas, flavored teas, herbal teas, organic teas, white teas and green teas.

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